Why Buy Gold

Where is my money safe? It’s a question that has been asked for millennia and the answer is as old as the question its self…... GOLD In the west entire governments and banking systems are entirely insolvent. They hobble along from day to day through clever accounting, confiscation, and creating money out of thin air.

It’s no wonder why precious metals are now beginning to become so popular.

Fiscal privacy is no longer the norm in the conventional banking sector—at least not amongst the developed nations. FATCA and the OECD ensure that possessive, nosy governments have unchallenged access to financial transactions, including bank deposits, transfers and credit card charges, etc. In some jurisdictions governments have also started to prohibit cash transactions over a specific amount.

Digital currencies like Bitcoin make privacy a real possibility, however it’s still early days and only time will tell. On the flip side precious metals, are steeped in history and function as a sound centrepiece to any diversification strategy, largely because there is never a bad time to own gold. Physical gold is exactly that, it is a physical, tangible asset which has stood the test of time.


One of the primary justifications to accumulate gold as a savings tool is to mitigate sovereign risk—the risk that central banks and authorities will confiscate wealth by devaluing currencies and running mind-boggling shortfalls.

Picture this - if the banking system faced collapse and paper money lost all its value, gold bullion, especially small units of gold such as gold coins, could be used to buy and trade yourself out of trouble. In certain jurisdictions such as India, Germany and Russia where economic collapse still fresh in their minds, owning physical gold is a common practice way of protecting and preserving one’s wealth.

Many Experts believe everybody, no matter your financial situation should hold at least 10% of their liquid funds in physical gold bullion to include both bars and bullion coins for this reason.


Physical gold is a great addition to any 'Plan B' it allows you to safeguard and control a portion of your wealth. Whether you choose to store your bullion in a secure storage facility offshore or onshore, or just hide it in a safe place at home you are no longer at the mercy of an insolvent banking system and have a great insurance policy against governmental and banking collapse.

Smart, responsible people have a plan B to help them and their loved ones achieve personal liberty and financial prosperity.


Gold bullion ought to be regarded as a non-speculative, secure, long-term approach to safeguarding your wealth. Owning gold is about much more than “speculation;” gold is truly a store of wealth. As confidence in fiat currencies the world over continues to disappear, gold functions as one of the few feasible wealth storage options available today.

Gold provides the ultimate insurance against economic instability and unrest. In truth, gold is now the “anti-currency.” In time, it may well again become a medium of exchange. Gold investment should be viewed primarily as a low-risk security asset for yourself and your family’s future.


Protect your wealth and remember, physical gold is just that: it’s a tangible, durable commodity, not merely a weak IOU printed on a worthless piece of paper. As such, it’s liquid, meaning it can be sold as and when you choose. And gold unlike many investments will always hold a value. Gold bullion is an effective means of hedging against other investments as when other investments are under performing such as stocks, ISA's, and property, the price of gold tends to be particularly buoyant.

If you’re thinking of holding gold as a store of value, or even as an exchange medium, major gold coin mintages like the American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, Austrian Philharmonic, and South African Krugerrand are advantageous because they’re recognizable the world over. You can do business with these coins at a coin shop anywhere in the world, from Chelsea to Chengdu.

For this reason, when demand for physical precious metals is high, the premiums for which bullion coins sell tend to rise substantially in disaster periods. In the very first days of the 2008 financial disaster, gold premiums shot up from 4% to more than 10%, even though gold prices concurrently experienced a sudden fall in price.


Demand for gold has hit new highs across the globe. Many experts predict gold will remain a highly valuable commodity for many years to come, since the world’s gold reserves are lower than ever and general demand for physical gold in many countries is extremely high as investors look to preserve wealth, diversify their portfolios and seek strong returns.

Gold bar and coin ownership grew 69.5% in 12 months in China, its estimated that 528 tonnes of gold are being held by private investors making China the world's largest gold owning nation, followed by India who saw a 34% increase in gold ownership to over 409 tonnes. It’s not only India and China enjoying behemoth growth in gold investment, here in Europe countries including France, Switzerland, Germany and Turkey have also experienced record highs in consumer demand.

The two European nations seeing the largest increases in demand, with gold bar and coin ownership up over 1,600% and 80% respectively are France and Turkey. However, the title for Europe's largest gold-owning nation goes to Germany who hold around 154.2 tonnes.

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